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ASTM D2887-12 Calibration Standard (20 components)

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Designed to serve as a column resolution text mixture, as well as a calibration mixture for retention time (RT) versus boiling point (bp) calibration.

D2887 Calibration Mix (17 components)

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These calibration mixtures are made with pure, highly characterized neat material and are prepared using NIST-traceable balances and weights. Each ampul is supplied with a data sheet indicating the exact concentration and a sample chromatogram.

NOTE: The D2887 Calibration Mix is a weight/weight % blend of short-, medium-, and long-chained alkanes that requires special handling to ensure accurate transfer and analysis. Restek recommends heating the sealed ampul for 3 minutes at 100 °C (212 °F) to completely liquefy the sample. Invert the ampul several times to homogenize the contents and then open, transfer, and dilute (per your application) within 1 minute of heating.

Polywax Standards

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Supports ASTM Methods D2887, D6352, D7169, D7398, and D7500.

These high molecular weight hydrocarbon waxes are useful for simulated distillation and other high-temperature GC work.