Oxygenates on Rtx®-VMS

1.methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE)
2.tert-Butyl alcohol (TBA)
3.Diisopropyl ether
4.Ethyl tert-butyl ether
5.tert-Butyl Formate
6.tert-Amyl Methyl ether (TAME)
7.tert-Amyl alcohol
ColumnRtx®-VMS, 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 1.40 µm (cat.# 19915)
SampleSouth Carolina oxygenates mix
Injectionpurge and trap split (split ratio 35:1)
Liner:1mm Split (cat.# 20972-214.1)
Inj. Temp.:200 °C
Purge and Trap
Instrument:OI 4660 Eclipse Purge and Trap
Trap Type:#10 (Tenax® /silica gel/carbon molecular sieve)
Purge: 11 min, flow 40 mL/min
Desorb Preheat Temp.:185 °C
Desorb: 0.5 min @ 190 °C, flow 35 mL/min
Bake: 8 min @ 210 °C
Interface Connection:injection port
Transfer Line Temp.:150 °C
Oven Temp.:35 °C (hold 7 min) to 90 °C at 4 °C/min to 220 °C at 35 °C/min (hold 2 min)
Carrier GasHe, constant flow
Linear Velocity:34 cm/sec @ 40 °C
Transfer Line Temp.:280 °C
Ionization Mode:EI
Scan Range:35-260 amu
NotesSample temp.: 65 °C
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