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CAS # 123-91-1

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight88.1051
Melting Point11.8 °C, 285 K, 53 °F
Boiling Point101.1 °C, 374 K, 214 °F
Density1.033 g/mL
Solubility in WaterMiscible
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GC Mass Spectrum

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1,4-Dioxane; p-Dioxane; p-Dioxan; Di(ethylene oxide); Diethylene dioxide; Diethylene ether; Dioxan; Dioxane; Dioxyethylene ether; 1,4-Diethylene dioxide; 1,4-Dioxan; 1,4-Dioxacyclohexane; Glycol ethylene ether; Tetrahydro-p-dioxin; Diokan; Dioksan; Diossano-1,4; Dioxaan-1,4; Dioxan-1,4; Dioxane-1,4; Dioxanne; NCI-C03689; Tetrahydro-1,4-dioxin; p-Dioxin, tetrahydro-; Rcra waste number U108
Application Chromatograms