Methanol Compound Information and Applications for GC (Gas Chromatography) and LC (Liquid Chromatography) Analysis /
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CAS # 67-56-1

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight32.0419
Melting Point-97.6 °C, 176 °K, -144 °F
Boiling Point64.7 °C, 338 °K, 148 °F
Density0.7918 g/cm3
log P-0.69
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Methyl Alcohol; Methanol; Carbinol; Methyl hydroxide; Methylol; Monohydroxymethane; Wood alcohol; CH3OH; Colonial spirit; Columbian spirit; Hydroxymethane; Wood naphtha; Alcool methylique; Alcool metilico; Columbian spirits; Metanolo; Methylalkohol; Metylowy alkohol; Pyroxylic spirit; Wood spirit; Rcra waste number U154; Pyro alcohol; Spirit of wood; Bieleski's solution; NSC 85232
Application Chromatograms