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In 2002, Restek Corporation formed an alliance with some of the premiere independent instrument service providers in the United States, with a goal of bringing you the finest chromatography operating supplies, equipment service, and applications support available—STAR, the Service and Technology Alliance by Restek. The STAR Service Rewards program pays you for using Restek® products, by reducing your costs for quality instrument service.

What are STAR Points?

STAR Service Rewards pays you 1 STAR Point for every $50 of Restek® products you purchase from Restek or an authorized Restek® distributor.

Labs across the United States are using these points as money to defray the cost of their instrument service. If your lab is not registered in the STAR Service Rewards Program, register now.

What can you get with STAR Points?

Any STAR service provider will redeem your STAR Points, dollar for dollar, for selected service, equipment, and training products. Talk with the individual STAR Service Provider that best meets your needs and schedule the work. At the time of service or product invoicing, notify your STAR service provider of the number of STAR Points you want to apply to the invoice; they will reduce the invoice by that amount in exchange for the STAR Points.

The members of the STAR alliance represent the best independent chromatography instrument service providers in the country. With original equipment service experience, they bring a wide assortment of strengths to satisfy your service needs.

Products and services range from:

  • Autosamplers to data systems
  • Mass spec detectors to HPLC pumps
  • Onsite training to reconditioned equipment

Why is the STAR Service Rewards Program valuable to you?

  • You get the highest quality chromatography operating supplies from Restek, the company chromatographers trust.
  • You get instrument service from the provider you have relied on for years.
  • You can use STAR Points to purchase instrument service, parts, or training through participating STAR service providers. Your cost is reduced by the number of STAR Points you apply to the invoice.

How can you get more STAR Points?

Restek provides a full line of columns, standards and operating and maintenance supplies for both GC and LC. Maximize your STAR Points by choosing Restek® supplies for all your chromatography needs. Take a minute to review our GC Accessories and LC Accessories. You will see the wide variety of quality, economical supplies you can get from Restek, while increasing your lab's STAR Points at the same time.

Register your laboratory with the STAR Program in any of these easy ways:

  • Use the handy online form.
  • Contact your Restek® Representative.
  • Call Restek® Customer Service at 800-356-1688 ext.3 to select a service provider from your area.

After your lab is registered, you will earn 1 STAR Point for every $50 of Restek® products you purchase from Restek or an authorized Restek® distributor.

You are not limited to the service provider you select. Any STAR member service provider will honor your STAR Points.