Packed & Micropacked

D3606 Application Column Set (packed, 2 column set)

More Details
  • Complete resolution of benzene from ethanolno compromising coelutions.
  • Accurate quantification of benzene and toluene.
  • Column sets are individually tested for method applicability.
  • Listed in the appendix of ASTM Method D3606 as an acceptable alternative to TCEP columnsget better separation of benzene and ethanol while still following ASTM method requirements.

CarboBlack Columns (packed)

On CarboBlack C

More Details
  • Graphitized carbon black offers unique selectivity and very little adsorption for alcohol analyses.
  • CarboBlack C support can hold up to a 1% loading of a nonsilicone liquid phase.
  • CarboBlack supports provide resolution and retention similar to Carbopack and Carbograph supports.

CarboBlack Columns (packed)

On CarboBlack B

More Details
  • Graphitized carbon black offers unique selectivity and very little adsorption for alcohol analyses.
  • CarboBlack B support, with its higher surface area, can hold up to a 10% loading of a nonsilicone liquid phase.
  • CarboBlack supports provide resolution and retention similar to Carbopack and Carbograph supports.

Molecular Sieve Columns (packed)

More Details
Molecular sieve packed columns easily separate permanent gases at above-ambient temperatures. Restek's R&D chemists have developed a process for preparing molecular sieve packings, which result in excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility. In addition, our molecular sieves are preactivated and ready to use. Each column comes with metal endfittings to prevent water or carbon dioxide from adsorbing into the packing during shipment.

DiatoSorb Diatomaceous Earth Columns (bonded stationary phase packed columns)

More Details
  • Low bleed levels.
  • Longer column lifetimes.
  • Short conditioning times.

2abc Refinery Gas Column Set (packed)

More Details
This 3-column set is finely tuned to resolve light hydrocarbons. When used in the proper valving system, it will elute C5+ hydrocarbons ahead of C1 through C4 hydrocarbons.

OPN on Res-Sil C Column (packed)

More Details
This column separates the light hydrocarbons, and baseline resolves cis-2-butene from 1,3-butadiene.

n-Octane on Res-Sil C Column (packed)

More Details
This packed column has unique selectivity for resolving unsaturated light hydrocarbons.

Packed Column Inlet Adaptor Kit for 1/4" Injection Ports

More Details
  • Use 1/8" and 3/16" OD columns in 1/4" on-column injection ports.
  • Centers column perfectly in injection port to eliminate bent syringe needles.
  • Slotted design prevents carrier gas occlusion.
  • Vespel/graphite reducing ferrules make installation easy.
  • Includes all nuts & ferrules used to attach tubing to the injector or detector.

Rt-608Pkd Columns (packed)

Optimized for pesticide analysis by US EPA Method 608.

More Details
Pesticide analysis remains the largest environmental application for packed columns. Currently, mixed phase packed columns do not offer complete resolution of chlorinated pesticides, and require long analysis times (nearly 40 minutes).
Restek has developed a special packing material that exceeds EPA Method 608 resolution requirements while delivering a faster analysis time than any other pesticide phase packed column available. Inert SilcoSmooth tubing and highly inert Silcoport support make it possible to analyze chlorinated pesticides at levels below 50pgperformance that is nearly impossible with older packed column technology. The computer-modeled phase resolves all 18 peaks in US EPA Method 608 in less than 12 minutesone-third the time previously required! Compare the performances of conventional 1.5% SP-2250/1.95% SP-2401 pesticide packing and innovative Rt-608Pkd packing, and you’ll stop wasting time with old technology.

Micropacked Inlet Conversion Kits

More Details
  • Convert a capillary GC split/splitless inlet for use with 1/16" OD micropacked columns.
  • For use with Agilent 5890, 6890, and 7890 GCs.
  • Sample pathways deactivated for ultimate inertness.

ShinCarbon ST Columns (packed & micropacked)

SilcoSmooth Stainless Steel

More Details
  • Separate permanent gases, including carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, without cryogenic cooling.
  • Rapid separations of permanent gas/light hydrocarbon mixtures.
  • Excellent compatibility with most GC detectorsminimal bleed, minimal baseline rise.
  • Preconditioned, less than 30 minutes to stabilize.
  • Maximum temperature of 280 °C/300 °C.

Rt-XLSulfur Columns (packed & micropacked)

More Details
  • Optimized columns for low ppbv sulfur analyses.
  • Eliminate the need for PTFE tubing.
  • Column and end fittings are Sulfinert treated for maximum inertness.
  • Maximum temperature of 290 °C.

Res-Sil Packing Materials

More Details
  • Unique separation of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  • Innovative bonding chemistry for batch-to-batch reproducibility, excellent thermal stability, and long life.
  • Wide range of bonded phases available.
  • Equivalent to Durapak and Porasil packings.

Micropacked GC Columns

More Details
  • Increased efficiency over traditional packed columns.
  • Higher capacity than PLOT columns.
  • Made from inert, flexible SilcoSmooth tubing.
  • Wide range of packings available.
  • Standard coils fit all instruments. No special instrument configurations required.

CarboBlack Packing Materials

More Details
  • CarboBlack B supports up to 10% loading of a nonsilicone liquid phase.
  • CarboBlack C supports up to 1% loading of a nonsilicone liquid phase.

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