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Micropacked Inlet Conversion Kits

More Details
  • Convert a capillary GC split/splitless inlet for use with 1/16" OD micropacked columns.
  • For use with Agilent 5890, 6890, and 7890 GCs.
  • Sample pathways deactivated for ultimate inertness.

Packed Column Inlet Adaptor Kit for 1/4" Injection Ports

More Details
  • Use 1/8" and 3/16" OD columns in 1/4" on-column injection ports.
  • Centers column perfectly in injection port to eliminate bent syringe needles.
  • Slotted design prevents carrier gas occlusion.
  • Vespel/graphite reducing ferrules make installation easy.
  • Includes all nuts & ferrules used to attach tubing to the injector or detector.

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