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More than 1/3 of the ampuls that leave Restek’s facility are custom-ordered reference standards. However, we are actually able to satisfy many of the custom requests we receive using off-the-shelf catalog products—with less waiting and lower cost.

This tool will help you immediately determine whether a catalog reference standard will suit your needs. If so, a click will add it to your order or quote; if not, simply proceed through the form to request a custom reference standard for some or all of your compounds of interest.

Please submit a new request for each custom reference standard. You can also fax a request to
1-814-353-1309 or email our Reference Standards Group.

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Note: Individual container volumes ≥ 30 mL require additional Hazardous Shipping fees. For more information, contact your local Restek® representative.

Note: Individual container volumes > 20 mL are packaged in screw-top bottles.


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Note: Minimum order of 3 ampuls required.

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7. Select the testing and documentation that best meet your requirements: *

Product supplied with the gravimetric records listing purity of each material used, calculated concentration, a unique product lot number, raw material lot numbers, and isomer ratios for isomeric compounds.


A sample withdrawn from the packaged units is tested by the appropriate technique to verify mixture composition. Product supplied with a certificate of composition showing a chromatogram of the standard with each peak identified, raw material purity, and gravimetric concentration.


A sample of the packaged unit is analyzed in triplicate and the peak areas are statistically compared to a previous lot (if available) or a second lot. A detailed data pack is available at containing gravimetric documentation, all quantitative assay raw data, exact amount of each raw material used, total volume prepared, and statistics. Test results for raw material purity and identification are available upon request.

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Restek’s quality policy is to use the highest purity raw materials available; however, not all materials will be free of impurities. Please specify any compounds that cannot be present in your formulation. We will do our best to ensure that these compounds are not present in the raw materials used to manufacture your standard. Please also list any additional compounds or special requirements not previously identified. Thank you.

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  • Visit to learn more about our ISO quality credentials and view our certificates (including scopes of accreditation).
  • Restek uses the highest purity raw materials available and will make a weight correction on any compound with a purity less than 99%.
  • Concentration is based upon gravimetric preparation using a calibrated balance (verified daily using NIST traceable weights) and/or dilutions with Class A glassware.
  • All concentrations under 0.001% are based on serial dilution calculations using class A glassware and are not verified by testing.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom Restek® products (i.e., non-stocked, non-catalog items) that meet the requested product specifications are not returnable or refundable. Be sure to check the product specifications in your quote request before submitting. Also re-check the specifications in your sales quote before placing your order. Requests may be split into multiple ampuls to provide the best, most robust product. If you have any questions, contact Restek or your local Restek® representative.


Thank you for your interest in Restek’s Reference Standards. Your request will be forwarded to our Reference Standards team, which includes our Formulations Chemists, Manufacturing Supervisor, and Product Marketing Manager, for review and quote development. The most robust formulation(s) option, based on our expertise and the information you have provided, will be presented. Should we have any questions or require clarification, a team member will contact you via your preferred method. If you wish to contact us, pleaseemail – otherwise, you should expect to hear from us within three business days, unless we are able to accommodate a special quote delivery time frame, as noted above in your quote request.

Preferred contact method: *



You can also fax a request to (814) 353-1309,
or email our Reference Standards Group



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