Rxi Introduction

People rely on you for fast, accurate data. Rely on Restek Rxi columns to deliver it.


Let's be honest. Before you even put your lab coat on, you have more work waiting for you than you can handle. Your instrument needs to run, and it needs to run now. But it is not enough to simply go fast—you need to get the right results the first time and save money in the process. Samples don't stop coming in; top-quality data and products can't stop going out. In short, it is imperative you have a gas chromatography column that produces the data you need, when you need it.

We understand what you're going through. In fact, many of our in-house chromatography experts were once on the front lines like you, and that's ultimately why we do what we do. Restek developed the Rxi family of fused silica columns to help you solve the challenges you face in your lab on a daily basis. Let us worry about column inertness and lifetime, stability and reproducibility, bleed and peak shape. Take advantage of Restek Pure Chromatography to get your work done right and get it done quickly.

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