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Why Should You Switch to Rxi Columns?

Simply put, Rxi columns are built to be the best. But what does "best" mean? For the overworked analyst with an ever-shrinking budget, the best GC column is the one that lasts the longest while also providing accurate data, the right results fast, and maximized instrument uptime.


Without accurate data, nothing else matters. Groundbreaking Rxi 3-in-1 technology unifies outstanding inertness, low bleed, and high reproducibility into a single high-performance column line that gives you the foundational low-level accuracy you need.

Outstanding Inertness

Our 3-in-1 technology produces such inert columns that we named them Restek eXtreme Inertness (Rxi). This extreme inertness improves signal-to-noise ratios and, therefore, your ability to consistently identify and quantify compounds in real-world samples. Inertness is especially important for the ever-lower detection limits required by testing regulations because many acidic, basic, and polar compounds tail significantly if your column has active sites (Figure 1). The remarkable inertness of Rxi technology solves this problem and allows a wide range of compounds to be analyzed with high sensitivity, often on a single column!

GC_EX01118 | GC_EX01119

Low Bleed

Rxi columns are more stable than other manufacturers' columns, so they generate less bleed (Figure 2) and reduce background to further improve signal-to-noise ratios, enhance sensitivity, and lower detection limits. These qualities make low-bleed Rxi columns the perfect choice for trace-level analyses. In addition, decreased contamination from bleed makes them ideal for sensitive detection systems like mass spectrometry (MS), where you will also benefit from better matches to mass spectral libraries.


High Reproducibility

Unpredictable retention times and shifting peaks can be frustrating at best and bring your work to a dead stop at worst. Unmatched manufacturing precision and stringent quality control mean that every Rxi column performs the same way as the column it replaces, every time you run it. We consistently exceed industry standards as measured by efficiency, retention, bleed, and inertness (Figure 3).



Rxi columns don’t just give you the right results; they give you the right results fast. Outstanding inertness generates consistent peak shapes and retention times, allowing you to accurately quantitate target analytes—even at low concentrations. High reproducibility helps you generate method-compliant data, so your clients get the same fast, accurate results you do. Thermal stability with low column bleed lets you run your instrument at higher oven temperatures, reducing analysis times and increasing sample throughput. And, the efficiency of an Rxi column generates sharp, narrow peaks, so target analytes are still separated at high temperatures. With these combined features, you can reduce analysis times without sacrificing data quality. Use Rxi columns to increase sample throughput and laboratory productivity with fast, accurate analyses.


We developed Rxi columns with robustness in mind. Restek's rugged polymers are cross-bonded and anchored to an extremely inert deactivation surface, resulting in a column that can take whatever abuse you throw at it. This rugged, inert design increases column lifetime and helps to reduce column maintenance, column replacement, instrument recalibration, and the potential need for method revalidation compared to other columns. Rxi columns are manufactured for low column bleed—even at high GC oven temperatures—to shorten post-installation conditioning time and get your instrument up and running faster. All of these characteristics help minimize the need for maintenance, reduce your downtime, and raise the productivity of your instrument.

When your column lasts as long as an Rxi column, you will save on costs by purchasing fewer of them. And the column efficiency and inertness allow for faster analyses with lower detection limits. Produce better-quality data, spend less, and run more samples with Rxi columns.

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