Bulk Adsorbents

Florisil PR (Bulk Adsorbent)

More Details
  • Pesticide residue grade.
  • Packaged in glass containers.

Diatomaceous Earth (Bulk Adsorbent)

More Details
  • Improves extraction efficiency.
  • Adsorbs moisture from samples.

Ottawa Sand (Bulk Adsorbent)

More Details
  • Sample medium for matrix spikes and laboratory control blanks.
  • Packaged in convenient 5 kg buckets.

Granulated Activated Copper (Bulk Adsorbent)

More Details
  • Convenient form for removing sulfur from environmental extracts.
  • Acidified and activatedready for use.

Sodium Sulfate (Bulk Adsorbent)

More Details
  • Ideal for removing water from sample extracts.
  • Activate by heating to 400 °C for four hours before use.
  • Packaged in recloseable 5 kg buckets.

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