Resprep CarboPrep SPE Cartridges

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  • Improved recovery of sulfonylurea herbicides, phenols, carbamates, and triazine herbicides, compared to C18 and C8 cartridges.
  • Wide range of selectivity for both analytes and their metabolites or degradation products.
  • Rapid sampling flow rates; uncompromised recoveries.
  • Maximum capacity for contaminant cleanup.
  • Controlled manufacturing improves cleanliness and ensures reproducible performance.
  • Excellent performance removing pigments from samples.

Pesticide Residue Cleanup SPE Cartridges

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  • Convenient, multiple adsorbent beds in a single cartridge.
  • For use in multiresidue pesticide analysis to remove matrix interferences.
  • Excellent for cleanup of dietary supplement extracts.

Method Specific SPE Cartridges

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These cartridges have been specifically designed to provide consistent and reproducible results for the method or application stated.

Resprep SPE Cartridges (Normal Phase)

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Hydrophilic (polar) adsorbents used to extract hydrophilic analytes from nonpolar matrices, such as organic solvents (e.g., polar contaminants from sample extracts).

Resprep EPH Fractionation SPE Cartridge

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  • Method-specific performance for extractable petroleum hydrocarbon (EPH) analysis of soil and water samples.
  • Complete separation of aliphatic and aromatic compounds into distinct fractions.
  • Guaranteed background level under the strict reporting limits of MA and NJ EPH methods.
  • Superior lot-to-lot reproducibility and storage stability ensured by rigorous QC testing and moisture-resistant packaging.

Closed End SPE Cartridge: Activated Sodium Sulfate

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  • High quality anhydrous sodium sulfate.
  • Approximately 2 grams prepackaged in a convenient capped cartridge with both male and female luer ends for easy connection to a variety of devices or equipment.
  • The adsorbent is fully activated and ready to use for removal of excess water from organic solvent solutions, prior to many types of analysis.
  • Capped cartridges will remain active for long periods of storage in the lab.

CarboPrep Reversing SPE Cartridges

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  • High adsorbent capacity (surface area ~200 m2/g) for large volume sampling.
  • Chromatographic grade graphitized carbon provides consistent and quantitative recoveries of a wide variety of semivolatiles, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • 500 mg bed weight.

Resprep SPE Tube Parts & Accessories

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Resprep tubes, frits, caps, and connectors for your method development needs.

Resprep SPE Cartridges (Bonded Reversed Phases)

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Hydrophobic (nonpolar) silica-based adsorbents; used to extract hydrophobic analytes from polar matrices, such as water (e.g., pesticides from water).

C18 (high load, endcapped)