Autosampler Replacement Parts

Rinse/Waste Vials with Diffusion Caps

for use with Agilent 7673, 7683, and 7693 Autosamplers

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  • Diffusion caps prevent evaporation of volatile solvents.
  • Six different cap colors make solvent identification easier.
  • Graduated marks on vials indicate content volume.
  • Includes twelve vials and caps (two caps of each color).


for Agilent 7673B & 7683 Autosamplers

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Meets original manufacturer's performance.

Turret Tray Assembly

for Agilent 7673 Autosamplers

More Details
Holds sample, waste, and solvent vials.

Injector Mounting Posts and Parking Post

for Agilent 7673 & 7683 Autosamplers

More Details
Performance equivalent to original manufacturer's parts.

Carriage Motor Belt

for Agilent 7673A, 7673B, and 7673C Autosamplers

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Meets original manufacturer's performance.

Autosampler Plunger Carrier Belt

for Agilent 7673A & 7673B Autosamplers

More Details
All parts meet or exceed original manufacturer's performance.

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