Maintenance Supplies for Capillary Columns

Ceramic Scoring Wafer

More Details
Four straight scoring edges for cutting fused silica tubing and four serrated edges for cutting MXT metal capillary columns.

Scoring Wafer with Handle

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  • Ceramic wafer is straight-edged for cutting fused silica tubing cleanly.
  • Unique, ergonomic handle is made of soft, comfortable rubber.

Capillary Column Caps

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  • Attach to the column in seconds to form an airtight seal.
  • Increase column lifetimeprevent moisture and air from entering the column during storage.
  • Two styles to choose from: glass or silicone material.
  • Glass caps are color-coded for identifying detector and injector ends.
  • Not recommended for reuse.

High-Temperature String

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Use to restring capillary columns, attach column connectors to column cages, or hold the column in the GC oven. Capable of withstanding temperatures to 400 °C.

Pocket Magnifier

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  • Small and easy to handle.
  • 10x magnification makes it easy to see the column end to verify a square cut.

Slide-Lock Tweezers and 15 cm Compact Steel Ruler

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  • "Lock" capillary columns to the correct insertion distance recommended by the instrument manufacturer during installation.
  • Useful for many laboratory tasks.

Column Hanger

for Agilent 5880A/5890/6890/7890 GCs

Methane Cylinder Kit

For optimizing linear velocity

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Setting the column flow rate by injecting methane and optimizing linear velocity is a preferred method for establishing reproducible retention times (ASTM Method E1510-93). The kit includes an Airgas (formerly Scott/Air Liquide gas) 14 cylinder containing 1% methane in helium, a MINICYL regulator, a syringe adaptor, and a package of twenty-five septa for the adaptor.

Shortix Capillary GC Column Cutter

More Details
  • Consistently make precise, clean, square cuts with a diamond blade.
  • Built-in magnifier to verify square cut.
  • Use with 0.25 mm ID to 0.53 mm ID tubing (0.78 mm OD maximum).

    Note: For fused silica tubing only.

Capillary Column Rinsing Reservoir Kit

More Details
Restore the performance of bonded-phase capillary columns by dissolving and removing soluble, nonvolatile residue, using this reservoir kit. The 50 ml rinsing reservoir is equipped with 1/4-inch inlet and outlet connections and includes a built-in fritted disk to prevent particulate matter from contaminating the column. The kit includes reservoir, pressure regulator, fittings, ferrules, and tubing. Reservoir also available separately.

MXT Needle Files

More Details
Multi-purpose files especially useful for cutting Siltek treated stainless steel columns.

Sapphire Scribe

More Details
  • Cuts fused silica tubing.
  • Produces a clean, square cut.

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