Vials & Well Plates

2.0 mL, 11 mm Crimp Vial Convenience Kits (Vials, Caps, & Septa)

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Vials packaged in a clear-lid tray. Caps with septa packaged in a plastic bag.

2.0 mL, 9 mm Screw-Thread Vial Convenience Kits (Vials, Caps, & Septa)

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Vials packaged in a clear-lid tray. Caps with septa packaged in a plastic bag.

2.0 mL, 9 mm Short-Cap, Screw-Thread Vials (vial only)

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Fit all 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm, crimp-top vial-based autosamplers.

2.0 mL, 11 mm Crimp-Top Vials, 12 x 32 mm

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Choose with or without graduated marking spots.

Interlock Vials

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Interlock limited volume vials offer the performance and convenience of a one-piece microvial for a fraction of the cost. A 300 µL insert is fused into a 12 x 32 mm clear or amber glass vial. This one-piece design reduces the potential for contamination.

High-Power Electronic Crimping Tool

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  • No batteries to change—fixed power supply provides steady, reliable power. Available with cords for China, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States.
  • Interchangeable jaw sets (sold separately) allow you to buy only the size crimper or decapper you need (11 mm or 20 mm).
  • Save time and minimize adjustments by storing separate programs for different caps and seals.
  • Strong enough for use with all steel and magnetic caps.
  • Combine with optional base and mounting kit for hands-free operation.

Electronic Rechargeable Crimpers and Decappers

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  • Easy to use; comfortable grip.
  • Hundreds of operations from one charge.
  • Adjustable crimping force.
  • Large battery allows for faster charge cycle.
  • All kits include a universal plug set for the battery charger.
  • For 11 mm and 20 mm caps.
  • One-year warranty.

Certified Autosampler Vial Kits

Certified 2.0 mL Screw-Thread Vials

More Details
  • Certificates enclosed with each kit.
  • Vials of clear or amber borosilicate glass with ID marking spots.
  • Closures with pre-inserted septa.
  • Each kit sealed for integrity.

2.0 mL Versa Vials, Glass, 12 x 32 mm

More Details
  • Elongated neck allows for consistent, reliable autosampler pick up.
  • 9 mm opening is ideal for sampling and pipette use.

Precleaned Volatile Organic Analyte (VOA) Sampling Vials

More Details
  • Container, liner, and closure cleaned, assembled, and lot traceable.
  • Open-top caps.
  • PTFE faced 0.125" silicone septa.
  • Cleaned to U.S. EPA Protocol B specifications.

Micro-Vials with Screw Threads

More Details
  • Two sizes available.
  • Tapered for high recovery of contents.
  • Work with Mininert sampling valves.

2.0 mL, 11 mm Crimp-Top Vial with 100 µL Insert

More Details
  • Plastic vial.
  • Choice of glass or polypropylene fused insert.

2.0 mL Big Mouth Step Design Screw-Thread Vials, 12 x 32 mm, 10 mm/425 Thread (vial only)

More Details
  • 40% larger opening than other vials.
  • Step profile automatically centers glass flange limited volume inserts.
  • Preassembled caps with septa, with or without vials.
  • Designed for Waters Alliance autosamplers.

2.0 mL, 8 mm Screw-Thread Vials with 100 µL Insert

More Details
  • Plastic vials.
  • Choice of glass or fused polypropylene insert.

2.0 mL, 8 mm Autosampler Vial Convenience Kits

More Details
  • Vials packaged in a clear-lid tray.
  • Preassembled caps with septa packaged separately in a plastic bag.
  • Black polypropylene open-hole caps and 8 mm red PTFE/silicone septa, 0.065".

2.0 mL Preassembled Vial Kits

8 mm/425 Screw-Thread, Unmarked Vials, Septa, and Caps

More Details
Caps attached to vials.

2.0 mL, 8 mm Screw-Thread Vials (vial only)

More Details
Fit all 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm, screw-thread 8 mm/425 vial-based autosamplers.

Well Plates

More Details
  • Polypropylene plates with round-bottom wells reduce liquid retention; conical bottom provides optimal recovery of reagents.
  • Nunc shared wall technology allows increased well volume for optimum storage capacity and improved mixing.
  • Round well shape is ideal for applications that require vortexing.
  • Ideal for sample collection, storage, sampling, and combinatorial chemistry and library applications.
  • Fits most autosampler compartments.
  • All microplates manufactured by Nunc meet the recommendation of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (ANSI/SBS 1-2004).

Easy Grip Manual Crimpers and Decappers

More Details
Our Easy Grip crimpers and decappers feature tough, light, plastic bodies with curved handles that improve hand comfort during use. The bottom-pull handle allows for a steadier hold than top-push handles. An easily viewed adjustment knob is located at the head of the product. The clearly shown + and symbols, along with directional arrows, simplify adjusting the intensity of the crimp/decap as needed. The knob is also designed to indicate when the crimp setting has been reached, when it fully contacts the body of the product.

Caps for 2.0 mL, 8 mm Screw-Thread Vials

More Details
Fit all 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm, screw-thread 8 mm/425 vial-based autosamplers.

2.0 mL, 8 mm Caps and Septa (preassembled)

More Details
Fit all 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm, screw-thread 8 mm/425 vial-based autosamplers.

Mininert Precision Sampling Valves for Vials

More Details
Mininert valves are very convenient for repetitive sampling and limit content exposure to the silicon septum. Models are available for screw-cap and crimp-top vials. The crimp-top valve for 13 mm ID glassware slides into the neck of the vial. Turn the threaded flange to secure a tight fit.

2.0 mL, 11 mm GC Snap Ring Cap with Septum

More Details
  • Snaps on any crimp-style vial.
  • Save money! Use this snap cap when you don’t need to crimp.

2.0 mL, 11 mm Poly Crimp Seal Caps: Snap-On or Crimp

More Details
The Poly Crimp seal is versatile, working as either a snap-on or crimp-top cap. Simply use a standard crimping tool to secure the Poly Crimp seal onto any crimp-top vial. It’s that easy!

SPME MicroCenter Caps and Septa

More Details
  • Micro-thin septum center pierces easily without bending needles or breaking SPME fibers.
  • Thicker outer septum wall secures septum in place and ensures a tight seal.
  • Versatile closures are suitable for SPME as well as dynamic and static headspace applications.
  • Septa are manufactured from low-extractability silicone and molded for dimensional conformity.
  • Available in magnetic 18 mm screw caps and 20 mm crimp caps.

Crimping Tool Stand

More Details
Convenient stand for GC vial crimpers/decappers keeps your bench tidy and your equipment close at hand.

Base with Mounting Kit for High-Power Crimping Tool

More Details
Interchangeable jaws and crimper not included.

Interchangeable Jaws for High-Power Crimping Tools

More Details
The separate crimper and decapper jaw sets fit standard lab vial seals that are aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps.

To switch jaw sets, simply insert the jaw set into the bushing at the bottom of the tool. Push up and twist until the set locks into position. To remove, push the outside button and rotate.

Vial Rack for Headspace Vials

More Details
  • Securely holds up to 36 headspace vials (fits 6, 10, or 20 mL vials).
  • Vials lock in rack for convenient one-handed cap removal.
  • Openings in the bottom of each well facilitate drainage.
  • Alphanumeric indexing on rack simplifies sample identification.
  • Easy to clean and fully autoclavable.*
  • Stackableeven with vials in place.

Universal Sealing Mats

More Details
  • Protect contents and prevent carryover with preslit cap mats.
  • Chemically resistant, silicone mats are excellent for compound storage to -80 °C.
  • Preslit mats pierceable by autosampler needle, pipette tip, or probe.
  • Universal mat for sealing 0.45, 1.3, and 2.0 mL plates.

Replacement Septa, PTFE-Lined Silicone

for VOA Sampling Vials, 60 mL Sample Collection Vials, and 250 mL Sample Collection Bottles

2.0 mL Sample Vial Racks

More Details
  • Racks feature alphanumeric indexing for easier vial identification.
  • Racks can be stacked for efficient storage.
  • Fits most 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm vials (vials sold separately).

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