Column Hardware

Bio-Safe Column System (PEEK)

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  • Completely biocompatible.
  • 100% metal free.
  • Stable to 8,000 psi.

Restek Pack in a Box Kit

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Restek’s Pack in a Box kit is a complete column-packing system. Everything you need to pack your own analytical HPLC columns is included (contents detailed below). The packing pump is electric, so no pressurized air is required. AC input requirement: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 10,000 psi maximum pressure.

Column End-Fittings

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  • Fittings with distribution cone are intended for use on 3.04.6 mm ID HPLC columns.
  • Fittings with flat bottom are intended for use on 1.03.0 mm ID HPLC columns.

Empty Chromatography Columns

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  • 316 stainless steel tubing complete with end-fittings, 2 µm frits, nuts, and ferrules.
  • Preassembled prior to shipment, unless otherwise requested.
  • Internal 1/16" seats are compatible with Valco and Parker fittings.

1/4" HPLC Frits

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We manufacture our frits from fine, chromatographic-grade 316 stainless steel, and we offer sizes to fit most column and pore sizes. To choose the correct frit, check its pore size compatibility with the particle size of the packing in the column. If the packing has a smaller particle size than the pore size of the frit, the packing can clog the frit.

HPLC Column Tubing

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Restek tubing is manufactured from fine, chromatographic-grade 316 stainless steel. It is corrosion resistant, ultrasonically cleaned, and passivated. We polish the tubing and promise a burr-free cut. You can use this tubing immediatelythere is no need for additional treatment.

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