Lab Organizers

Glove Box Dispensers

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  • Fit most glove boxes; allow quick access.*
  • Include holes on back plate for permanent mounting (hardware not included).

Open Supply Bins

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  • Multiple-bin units for large/small items.*
  • Use individually or end-to-end along bench.

Book Holders

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  • Use on the side of instrument, hood, or file cabinet.
  • Include: 3M double-stick, removable tape mounts.

HPLC 30-Column Storage Cabinet

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  • Saves space and protects columns.*
  • Hinged door is clear for quick identification of column labels or tags.
  • Made from solid, durable PVC.
  • Easy-to-install, wall-mountable (screws not included), securely holds 30 columns (minimum 100 mm in length).

TopLoader BalanceBank Storage Unit

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  • Provides easy access to wipers, weigh papers, boats, and spatulas.*
  • Creates a neat, highly functional weighing area and workstation.

Mini pHPerch Storage Unit

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  • Designed for pH meter supplies.*
  • Small footprint, high storage capacity, easy access, built-in wiper dispenser.

Deluxe BenchBooster Organizer

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  • Ten compartments, plus a wiper dispenser.*
  • Lightweight, movable, wall-mountable.

LCLocker HPLC Organizer

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  • Storage for ten HPLC columns (minimum 100 mm in length), compartments for accessories, and a book holder.*
  • Small footprinteasily fits next to HPLC instruments.