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Survival Kit for HPLC, Stainless Steel

For start-up and maintenance in all HPLC systems.

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The stainless steel survival kit contains a wide range of tubing, fittings, and tools necessary to set up and maintain your HPLC system: a selection of lengths and IDs of 1/16-inch tubing, plus nuts, ferrules, a ValvTool wrench, and a zero-dead-volume union.

Survival Kit for HPLC, PEEK

For start-up and maintenance in all HPLC systems.

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The PEEK Survival Kit is an invaluable parts kit that contains tubing, fittings, and tools essential for setting up and maintaining your HPLC system: PEEK tubing, connectors, and elbows, PTFE tubing, a tubing cutter and extra blades, a ValvTool wrench, open-end wrenches, and more.

LC Maintenance Kits

Simplify routine maintenance with these handy kits for LC.

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  • Significant savings over instrument manufacturer prices.
  • High quality components in every kit.
  • Wide selection of PM Kits for your HPLC systems.

HPLC PEEK Performance Kit

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This HPLC PEEK Performance Kit is a useful complement to your HPLC system.

  • Hub-Cap Adapter w/Cap (1)
  • Tubing Clips (3)
  • Clean Cut Tubing Cutter (1)
  • PEEK Finger Tight Fittings (10)
  • PEEK Column Plugs (5)
  • PEEK 90° Tubing Elbows (2)
  • PEEK 180° Tubing Elbows (2)
  • PEEK Column Connectors (2)

Outlet Cap & Gold Seal Assembly Tool

for Agilent 1050, 1100 HPLC Systems

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Easily install the gold seal into the outlet cap.

For use with Agilent 5001-3701 gold disk seal only. Not compatible with Restek cat.# 25889 and 25890 (Agilent 5067-4728).

PEEK Fitting Extractor

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Drill into the broken fitting, then screw the extractor into the fitting and remove it easily. Eliminates the need for heat or other techniques that could damage your column.

LC Piston Seal Insertion Tool

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Simplify pump maintenance: use one end to remove your old seal, then simply slip your new seal on the other end and push it flush into position. The tool cannot mar the surrounding metal surface of the pump housing.

Tubing Dressing Tool

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Opens stainless steel tubing bore and removes burrs.

Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter

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  • Burr-free, perpendicular cuts that will not distort the tubing OD or close the ID.
  • Use on PEEK, PTFE, Tefzel, and other polymeric tubing.
  • Individual holes for cutting 1/16", 2 mm, 3 mm, 1/8", and 4 mm tubing.

ValvTool Wrench

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The ValvTool is a time-saving device that provides easy access to many hard-to-reach Rheodyne or Valco valves. For 1/4" nuts.

Tubing Clip

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Securely holds 1/16" or 1/8" tubing in beaker, flask, or bottle up to 4 mm thick.

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