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GCxGC-TOFMS Analysis of Unfortified Tobacco Extract After QuEChERS Extraction and dSPE Cleanup With 25 mg PSA and 7.5 mg GCB


Column: Rxi-5Sil MS 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 13623)Rtx-200 1.3 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 15124)
Injector: Splitless
Detector: MS-TOF

GCxGC-TOFMS Analysis of Multi-Pesticide Standard Using Rxi-5Sil MS and Rtx-200


Column: Rxi-5Sil MS 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 13623)Rtx-200 1.3 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 15124)
Injector: Splitless
Detector: MS-TOF

Organochlorine Pesticides, PCBs, and BFRs on Rxi-XLB and Rxi-17Sil MS (GCxGC-ECD) zoom


Column: Rxi®-XLB 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 13723)Rxi-17Sil MS 1 m, 0.15 mm ID, 0.15 µm (cat.# 43820)
Injector: Splitless
Detector: Micro-ECD

Chlorinated Pesticide Residues in Olive Oil Rtx-CLPesticides2


Column: Rtx-CLPesticides2, 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.20 µm (cat.# 11323)
Injector: Splitless
Detector: MS-SIM

Method 8081B Chlorinated Pesticides on Rtx-CLPesticides2


Column: Rtx-CLPesticides2, 30 m, 0.32 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 11324)
Injector: Direct
Detector: ECD

Organochlorine Pesticides by EPA Method 508 on Rtx-5


Column: Rtx-5, 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 10223)
Injector: Splitless
Detector: ECD

Organochlorine Pesticide Mix AB #2 on Rtx-CLPesticides2 and Rtx-CLPesticides (0.53 mm ID column set)


Column: Rtx-CLPesticides 30 m, 0.53 mm ID, 0.50 µm (cat.# 11140), and Rtx-CLPesticides2 30 m, 0.53 mm ID, 0.42 µm (cat.# 11340), using Rxi guard column 5 m, 0.53 mm ID (cat.# 10054), with Siltek-treated universal “Y” Press-Tight connector (cat.# 20486)
Injector: Splitless
Detector: Micro-ECD

Organochlorine Pesticides on Rtx-CLPesticides2


Column: Rtx-CLPesticides2, 20 m, 0.18 mm ID, 0.14 µm (cat.# 42302)
Injector: Split
Detector: ECD

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