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EPA Method 541 UCMR4 Standard at 10x the Method Reporting Limit on Stabilwax (SIM)

PeakstR (min)Conc.
2.1-Butanol-d10 (SS)7.250.25
5.Chlorobenzene-d5 (IS)8.660.25
ColumnStabilwax, 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.50 µm (cat.# 10638)
SampleMethod 541 UCMR4 standard (cat.# 572263)
Method 541 UCMR4 internal standard (cat.# 572268)
Method 541 UCMR4 surrogate standard (cat.# 572267)
Inj. Vol.:1 µL pulsed splitless (hold 0.50 min)
Liner:Topaz 4 mm ID single taper inlet liner w/wool (cat.# 23303)
Inj. Temp.:200 °C
Pulse Pressure:10 psi (68.9kPa)
Pulse Time:0.55 min
Purge Flow:100 mL/min
Oven Temp.:30 °C (hold 0.5 min) to 110 °C at 10 °C/min to 200 °C at 25 °C/min (hold 6 min)
Carrier GasHe, constant flow
Flow Rate:0.9 mL/min
SIM Program:
GroupStart Time
Ion(s) (m/z)Dwell (ms)
16.039, 55, 57, 58 25
27.241, 43, 46, 50, 55, 56, 63, 64 25
37.745, 47, 58, 76 25
48.376, 117, 119 25
Transfer Line Temp.:200 °C
Analyzer Type:Quadrupole
Source Type:Stainless Steel
Drawout Plate:6 mm ID
Source Temp.:230 °C
Quad Temp.:150 °C
Solvent Delay Time:6.0 min
Tune Type:BFB
Ionization Mode:EI
InstrumentHP6890 GC & 5973 MSD
NotesThe 30 m x 0.25 mm ID x 0.5 µm Stabiliwax column offers equivalent selectivity to the ZB-Wax Plus chromatogram published in EPA Method 541, but with a significantly faster analysis time under the same GC conditions. Chlorobenzene elutes at 13.14 min in the method and at 8.66 minutes on the Stabiliwax column.
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