Restek Gives in Response to Hurricanes Florence and Michael

AJ Saclyn, Ashley Holland, and Angie Rushe from Restek, and Sarah Mewhirter from the Red Cross, work together to support relief efforts.

Restek, its employee-owners, and its customers teamed up to give more than $5,000 this November in support of the Red Cross hurricane disaster relief efforts—particularly in areas affected by hurricanes Florence and Michael, which ravaged the southeastern United States. Both monetary and blood donations provided support to those in need.

“We are so very grateful to Restek for its generous support of our Hurricane Relief effort,” said Hope Roaten, American Red Cross Mid-Central Pennsylvania Chapter Executive Director. “Without the support of our corporate community, we would not be able to provide shelter, food, and other basic supplies and services to the people who were impacted by major disaster situations, such as hurricanes Florence and Michael. We are proud to have such a strong community partner in Restek.”

Bryan Wolcott, Restek President and Head Coach, thanked customers and coworkers for their kindness and charity.

“Hurricanes Florence and Michael were two of the most intense hurricanes to make landfall in the country’s history, and many of our employees’ and customers’ friends and family were affected by these violent storms. We’re proud to pull together to make this donation to the Red Cross on behalf of the entire Restek community,” he said. “Special thanks to our customers for their generosity and caring.”

For several weeks this fall, customers could pay it forward by converting their Wizard Dollar frequent buyer incentives to cash donations for those in need. Restek employees also offered their own Wizard Dollars, and the company matched every dollar contributed.

Similar collection drives were implemented in recent years in response to other natural disasters. Many of the programs are set into motion by Restek employee-owners who have talked to customers or family members in the areas and know how much help is needed. Restek is well-known for empowering its employees to come up with ideas to support the local communities in which they operate.

In addition to the monetary donation, employee-owners stepped up to fight the severe blood shortage through another successful blood drive on Nov. 13. According to the Red Cross, fewer blood drives hosted in September and October, coupled with the widespread cancellation of scheduled drives as a result of hurricanes Michael and Florence, have led to the current blood shortage. Restek’s drive collected 33 units—saving an estimated 99 lives! This is the continuation of a long history of blood drives at Restek—bimonthly for the last 16 years—making them Centre County’s leading business blood drive sponsor.

To learn more about Restek Corporation, visit and to learn about American Red Cross, visit

October Declared Employee Ownership Month in Pennsylvania

State Representative Kerry Benninghoff presented Restek with a resolution and praised the company on its success as an employee-owned business


State Representative Kerry Benninghoff (R-Bellefonte) presented Restek with a resolution on Oct. 3 declaring October “Employee Ownership Month” in Pennsylvania.

“It’s really an honor as someone who represents you in Harrisburg to assist you with the work you do. Rock on! The fact that you’re world-known is great bragging rights for your state representative and I’m happy to do that.” Rep. Benninghoff said.

Restek is owned by the employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Since becoming 100% employee owned at the end of 2008, Restek has more than doubled in size and its stock value has grown 10-fold—to the direct benefit of its employees.

“We value seeing employee ownership extend to more and more companies throughout the state and creating more businesses like Restek where employees own the company, love working for it, take care of it, and take care of each other.” said Bryan Wolcott, Restek’s president and head coach.

There are currently more than 285 employee-owned companies in Pennsylvania, employing over 306,000 people. They include WaWa, Sheetz, Bradford White Water Heaters, and Voodoo Brewery. Nationally, 5,000 other companies have ESOPs, including Publix and New Belgian Beer.

Open Interview Day for Operations Technicians at Restek

Restek’s Global Headquarters in Bellefonte, PA
Monday, September 17
12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Restek Corporation has several positions open in Bellefonte, PA, for Operations Technicians in our Final Assembly, Reference Standards, and Quality Control (QC) departments as well as a floater position. Various work schedules are available: Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.; Monday through Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.; and Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.

Recognized throughout Centre County and beyond as a premier employer, Restek is a 100% employee-owned company with a people-centric and empowered culture that sets it apart from the rest of the industry. Living by its Core Values and Philosophy, the company continues to be its customers’ first and best choice for chromatography. You can learn more about what makes Restek such a great place to work at

Do you think you would be a good fit with Restek and its unique culture? If so, then you are an ideal candidate. Visit Restek at 110 Benner Circle in Bellefonte, PA, on Monday, September 17 between noon and 7:00 p.m. Be sure to bring 3 copies of your résumé, a list of at least 3 professional references, and your driver’s license. The event will use an open interview format, so while there may be a wait, each candidate will receive individual and appropriate attention.

Find the full job description at  Applicants are encouraged to attend this open interview, but if unable, applicants can also apply through the website instead.

Restek is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

Restek Hosts Car Competition During Bring Your Child to Work Day

More than 40 children of Restek employees filled the gym to build and race battery-powered cars during Bring Your Child to Work Day.

Six middle schoolers eyed one another silently as they set their racecars on the starting line in Restek’s gymnasium and waited for the countdown.

Restek presents a $1500 contribution to KidTech. The donation will help the nonprofit host events around Centre County that expose kids to science, technology, engineering, and math.

“3, 2, 1, GO!”

Letting go, the rear wheels gripped the floor and began moving the 8 oz., battery-powered vehicles. Two of the cars immediately veered sharply to the left and two struggled to accelerate, while two others roared ahead, crossing the finishing line neck and neck.

“It’s all in how much care they put into the details,” Liz Kisenwether, founder and president of KidTech said, explaining why the six different cars acted so differently during the race.

The nonprofit organization was onsite at Restek on April 26 for its annual Bring Your Child to Work Day.

Restek formed a relationship with KidTech this year through a shared interest in exposing elementary and middle school kids to science.

“It’s a lot of fun organizing this event every year,” Brian Yangula, a process improvement engineer at Restek, said.

In past years, Restek created CSI mysteries to solve and hosted manufacturing tours. This year, more than 40 kids filled the gym with their automotive creations and were testing them in races and obstacle courses before heading to lunch. Yangula thanked those on the committee, including Brittany Varner, Chris English, Jesse King, Christina Hill, Adam Clark, Alexandria Pavkovich, Samantha Reichart, Jerimiah Etters, and Lori Dundon.

“It’s great to bring my son here and show him what I do,” Greg Hargrove, a Restek chemical engineer, said. “He’s really into math and science and this is a great opportunity to build something technical and fun.”

This was the third time Fiona Dundon and Anna Marcovitch had built a car, so they spent most of their time that day helping others.

“It’s really hard to get the gear onto the axle,” Fiona said. “You have to sand it down to make it smooth and really push hard to get it on there.”

The girls are members of the Tech Club at the local Delta Program Middle School and were part of the reason KidTech was introduced to Restek.

“I loved what KidTech was doing so I wanted to see if we could help,” said Fiona’s mom, Lori Dundon, a marketing manager at Restek.

Restek donates to dozens of causes, projects, and nonprofits focused on science throughout the year, including the Girl Scouts STEM expos, Penn State’s Science U and Discovery Space. On this day, KidTech also received a donation of $1500 so it could host more events around Centre County like the one at Restek.

“It’s cool that a local company understands that kids need to get exposed to science early,” Kisenwether said. “Restek’s support is a huge help with our mission.”

For more information about KidTech, visit

A Love of Fly-Fishing Leads to 20 Years of Volunteerism at Restek

Restek Senior Industrial Engineer Steve Kreiser holds the award given to Restek from The Youth Service Bureau (YSB) at its annual gathering. Steve has volunteered his time to YSB for more than 20 years supporting its “On the Fly” fundraiser.

Centre County, Pennsylvania is renowned for its fly-fishing. It’s one of the reasons so many of Restek’s employees are seen in the streams after work and on the weekend. Interestingly, that love of sport has also led to a 20-year relationship with a local nonprofit focused on ensuring that children realize their full potential.

At its annual gathering on May 1, The Centre County Youth Service Bureau (YSB) presented Restek with an award for its charitable contributions and volunteerism. The company was recognized as a foundation level donor in calendar year 2017.

“We’ve been involved with Restek for probably two decades and are grateful for everything they do,” Andrea Fisher, CEO at the YSB, said.

The relationship began when Steve Kreiser, a senior industrial engineer at Restek, learned of YSB’s fly-fishing fundraiser called “On the Fly” and was encouraged by Restek to help out more than 20 years ago—Kreiser will celebrate his 21st year at Restek in 2018.

“I just thought it was a really cool and unique kind of fundraiser. Plus, having a few hours to fly-fish on Spruce Creek is like the holy grail,” he said.

Kreiser began helping during the event and has stayed involved ever since. Today, he serves on the board of the directors at YSB and chairs the fly-fishing fundraiser. “It’s one of those magical things where what I do for a living and what I love to do meet together,” he said.

Many Restek employees have also been involved with YSB over the years. Employees at Restek are encouraged to volunteer in the community and can use up to four hours per month to volunteer during work.

Private donations from individuals, businesses, and other groups make up 15 percent of YSB’s overall budget. In 2017, 871 distinct individuals and businesses donated charitable dollars to YSB. Fisher said the agency relies on these contributions to fund programs, like its neighborhood outreach prevention services. This program goes into areas of Centre County and engages directly with the youth that live there with crafts, games, and lessons on how to access food, shelter, and free counseling.

On the Fly will be held this year on May 14. For more information about Centre County Youth Service Bureau, visit

Restek Holds 1st Annual Student Research Symposium

Andrew Murtha

Jovan Livada

Latisha Franklin

Roman Jaramillo

Restek recently held its 1st Annual Student Research Symposium at its global headquarters in Bellefonte, PA, as part of our commitment to developing the next generation of scientists.

During the event, Restek chemists and leadership gave talks on gas chromatography in space, olfactory detection, and bile acid analysis by liquid chromatography, but more important, in addition to learning more about STEM careers, students prepared and presented posters on a variety of topics. Posters were judged by a panel of Restek technical experts, who were impressed by the high quality of work on display.

Although all of the presenters are deserving of accolades, the organizers especially wanted to congratulate our winners:

First Place ($1,000) – Andrew Murtha, “Communication Between Vibrio fischeri Populations within the Squid Light Organ”
Second Place ($500) – Latisha Franklin, “Inborn Errors in Purine Metabolism Result in Neuromuscular Deficits: A Comparative Metabolic Approach”
Third Place ($250) – Nathan Yu, “Homogeneity of Packing in Silica Separation Column”

This year, undergraduate and graduate student researchers from Penn State were invited to network and showcase their work. Next year, Restek plans to expand the program.

Are you a student interested in applying for next year’s symposium? Watch for an announcement later this year or email Alex Pavkovich at

Restek Partners with Girl Scouts for STEM Expos

Picture of Girl Scouts at STEM event.

Two Girl Scouts conduct experiments with
Restek’s Titus Morehead at Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania’s recent STEM Expo at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Alexandria Pavkovich, an R&D chemist at Restek, watched the face of a young girl light up when she created a mini lava lamp by adding an Alka-Seltzer tablet to her 40 mL vial mixture of colored water and mineral oil.

It was Feb. 17 at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA, and the experiment was one of two Restek brought with them to the first of three STEM Expos that the Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania (GSHPA) will host this year. Restek also had a gumball separation demo.

“It felt like a big hit and they were excited they could take their lava lamps home to show their friends and family.” Pavkovich said. “I take a great interest in getting girls into science. Some of them are coming from a smaller area and it’s fun to broaden their experience and spark an interest in science.”

More than 1,500 Girl Scouts in grades kindergarten through 12 have registered to attend the free expos featuring dozens of activities provided by program partners that bring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skill-building opportunities directly to girls. Another Expo was held recently at East Stroudsburg University and the final one will be Saturday, May 19, at Millersville University.

“Girls are learning about STEM because of companies like Restek. The dedication of employees in giving their time and expertise never ceases to amaze me. GSHPA’s mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. We are successful because supporters like Restek invest in our girls and help create the next generation of successful female leaders,” Ellen M. Kyzer, President & CEO of GSHPA, said.

Restek is committed to supporting local STEM programs and often attends elementary and middle school STEM fairs.

“You don’t get this kind opportunity at every company. It’s great that we get to spread our love of science to the younger generation,” Pavkovich said. “You see their minds spark with curiosity as they engage, understand, and begin to see possibilities unfold. It’s pretty inspiring to watch them find joy in both scientific discovery and also in the realization that they have the potential to become anything they want to be.”

Accompanying Pavkovich from Restek were Joe Windell, Jana Rousova, and Titus Morehead.

Other exhibitors include Pocono Environmental Education Center; Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders; Association for Women in Mathematics; Wildlands Conservancy; Lincoln Caverns; AccuWeather; and Da Vinci Science Center.

For more information about Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania, visit

Restek Recognized for Outstanding Retirement Benefits

Nearly 90 percent of employees are on target to reach retirement goals at the Bellefonte-based company 

Restek is pleased to announce it has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Plan Sponsor of the Year award by PLANSPONSOR magazine. The award is given to companies that show a commitment to employees’ financial health and retirement success.

“We’re proud to be nominated for this prestigious national award,” Bryan Wolcott, Restek president, said. “Securing a comfortable retirement for employees is an essential part of running a responsible company, and we’re committed to offering top-tier benefits and the best educational opportunities available.”

Restek was nominated by its financial advising partners in the category of corporate 401(k)s with assets between $10 and $50 million.

It is a continuation of success for Restek, which was also awarded ESOP Company of the Year from The Pennsylvania Delaware Chapter of The ESOP Association in 2017.

According to industry standards, employees need retirement income equal to 70 percent of their final employment earnings. At Restek, more than 89% of employees are approaching or on target to reach their retirement goals.

“Our main goal now is to get the other 10 percent there,” said Chris Marshall, VP of Human Resources.

More than 96 percent of the company participates in Restek’s retirement program with employees deferring an average of 8.5 percent of their paycheck toward retirement, which is above the average deferral rate in the U.S. of 6 percent.

In order to prepare its employees, Restek offers one-on-one counseling with financial advisors every month during work hours; these advisors work with employees to calculate their retirement score based on a full financial picture, not just their 401(k).

It has been a methodical and cultural shift the company has worked towards since establishing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) in 2008. In 2017, Restek switched its 401(k) service provider to Principal Financial, a widely recognized industry leader for ESOP consultation and recordkeeping. Morgan Stanley managed the search process and then was hired as a plan fiduciary, advising employees on personalized planning and Restek on the overall retirement platform.

In addition to Restek, Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company of Chariton, Iowa; United Hardware Distributing Company of Plymouth, Minnesota; and Uponor North America of Apple Valley, Minnesota, were also selected as finalists.

The winner will be announced on March 29.

For more information about Restek Corporation visit,

Restek Meets Milestone in Employee Safety

On March 10, Restek reached a significant new landmark: one million safe hours worked! By achieving so many consecutive hours without an occupational injury or illness that resulted in days away from work, Restek demonstrated its ongoing commitment to safety as a top corporate goal.

Bryan Wolcott, President and Head Coach, said, “Our people are our most important resource, and our mission here is to ensure that they end the day as healthy as they started the day. As employee-owners, we want everyone to go home as healthy as when they came in so that they can enjoy their families, be active in the community, and continue to help Restek grow.”

One million safe hours is no small feat, but it is achievable when safety is prioritized and people work together to promote it. According to Mike Straw, EHS Manager, Restek has programs in place that drive engagement in safe behaviors, which is the cornerstone to injury prevention. Says Straw, “An achievement like this is truly a group effort. It takes each and every employee making a daily personal commitment to safety in order to make it happen.”

Looking for a safe and rewarding career? Join the Restek team!

October Declared Employee Ownership Month in Pennsylvania

State Representative Kerry Benninghoff presents Bryan Wolcott, Restek’s president, with a resolution and praises the company on its success as an employee-owned business.

State Representative Kerry Benninghoff (R-Bellefonte) presented Restek with a resolution on Oct. 30 declaring October Employee Ownership Month in Pennsylvania.

“It is companies like this—employee-owned, small companies like this—not big factories that keep us going,” Rep. Benninghoff said. “So, on behalf of myself and the entire General Assembly, thank you for that continued success. Congratulations on behalf of the Commonwealth.”

Restek, like thousands of companies in the country, is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, which is a business model where employees own shares of the company. In Restek’s case, the company is 100% employee owned.

“We think employee ownership is one of the most important ownership vehicles in the country. We would like to see it keep growing and this resolution is one way that it does,” said Bryan Wolcott, Restek’s president and head coach.

Each year, ESOP businesses across the country celebrate October as ESOP month. The presentation by Rep. Benninghoff capped a full month of ESOP activity, including Restek’s Culture Fair on Oct. 4, when the company hosted more than 20 internal and external groups and organizations to set up info booths within the company’s atrium and hallways to talk to employees about volunteer opportunities. Employees at the chromatography manufacturer can use up to four hours per month to volunteer during work. The company also hosted educational seminars, a Halloween costume contest, and more to celebrate employee ownership.

These festivities closed an exciting month for Restek, one that included the company’s 32nd anniversary as well as being awarded Company of the Year by The Pennsylvania Delaware Chapter of The ESOP Association. It was the second time Restek won the award.